Surveying Products

Drone-based data collection can boost productivity; surveying projects that once took days or weeks using traditional surveying techniques are now possible in just a few hours.

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Forestry Product Solutions

Drones for species analysis, growth monitoring, disease mapping, border clarification, post-fire assessment & replant planning etc.

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Mining Product Solutions

Drone technology provides real, measurable benefits to mining operations, reducing risk while increasing the speed and scope of geo-data collection.

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Construction Product Solutions

Drones can quickly survey your job site and build maps. Instead of using human resources, heavy machinery & expensive surveying tools.

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Engineering Product Solutions

From planning to final construction, nearly every stage of the engineering process can benefit from a drone.

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Innovative Product Solutions for Precision Farming

Maximize your success in agriculture and beyond using the latest in drone.

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Customer Testimonials


BEN VALLIERES, Geomatics Technologist

“Very informative and great first time exposure to the eBee. I am now confident in moving forward with performing the work on my own.”

In regard to our eBee operations – things are going very well and I’m generally very happy with the eBee. We own 3 of them now and will probably get a fourth in the near future. We have done over 700 flights in total and the 4 full-time surveyors that we employ are now very efficient in the way that they operate.