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The professional mapping drone

Drone technology allows Forestry professionals to work more efficiently. With an easy-to-deploy mapping drone you can capture accurate aerial imagery and transform it into 2D orthomosaics (maps) and 3D models of small- and medium-sized sites – all on demand and without needing any piloting skills.


Why Choose the eBee?


Map more, more accurately

The eBee can cover up to 12 sq. km (4.6 sq. mi) in a single flight, and over smaller areas, flying at lower altitudes, it can acquire images with a GSD of down to 1.5 cm/pixel.

No flying skills required

The eBee is the easiest to use mini drone on the market. To launch, just throw it into the air! It then flies, captures images & lands itself. (However you can reprogram its flight or land manually if required.)


Because safety matters

The eBee uses a rear-mounted propeller and due to its flexible foam construction it weighs 700 g (1.5 lbs), minimising its impact energy.

Analyse data & produce deliverables

ebee is a drone you can capture highly accurate images of your fields, covering hundreds of hectares/acres in a single flight. Without the cost and hassle of manned services. And at a greater resolution than satellite imagery typically provides. By using image processing software you can then transform these shots into one large ‘orthomosaic’ image. Apply algorithms like Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to this and you create a reflectance map of your crop. This map is the key to boosting yields, cutting costs, and driving your business forwards. It highlights exactly which areas of crop need closer examination – for less time spent scouting, and more time treating the plants that need it.

Download example datasets

Customer Testimonials

We at Airtech UAV Solutions Inc. have been operating the senseFly eBee for over three years now and chose this platform due to its ease of use, sensor Intergration, and reliability. We have completed a number of data collection contracts in support of Government and Academic research initiatives were a reliable solution is a must. … Continued

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