We provide precision mapping solutions

Ag Business & Crop is the Canadian Distributor of senseFly Drones

Whatever your field, a senseFly drone puts accurate geo-data within easy reach.  Select an eBee drone below for UAV product and purchase details.




The professional mapping drone Use this fully autonomous drone to capture high-resolution aerial photos that you can transform into accurate 2D orthomosaics & 3D models.


eBee Plus

Aerial Efficiency, Photogrammetric Accuracy A large coverage photogrammetric mapping system featuring RTK/PPK upgradeability for survey-grade accuracy on demand.

ebee sq

eBee SQ

The advanced agricultural drone From drone to action: capture actionable crop data across four multispectral bands, plus RGB imagery, spanning hundreds of acres in a single flight. The eBee SQ provides the crop insights for your operations needs quickly, safely and easily. It provides reliable insights into the real health of your crops that can … Continued



The Intelligent Mapping & Inspection Drone Meet albris, the sensor-rich drone for professionals, offering TripleView imaging and advanced situational awareness.