We provide precision mapping solutions

Ag Business & Crop is the Canadian Distributor of senseFly Drones

A senseFly drone puts accurate geo-data within easy reach.  Select an eBee drone below for UAV product and purchase details.




The professional mapping drone Use this fully autonomous drone to capture high-resolution aerial photos that you can transform into accurate 2D orthomosaics & 3D models.


eBee Plus

Aerial Efficiency, Photogrammetric Accuracy A large coverage photogrammetric mapping system featuring RTK/PPK upgradeability for survey-grade accuracy on demand. The lightweight, hand-launched eBee Plus is a seriously efficient data collection tool. Its flight time of 59 minutes is a figure you can rely on: whichever camera you fly, at virtually any altitude, and in varying wind conditions. … Continued

ebee sq

eBee SQ

The advanced agricultural drone From drone to action: capture actionable crop data across four multispectral bands, plus RGB imagery, spanning hundreds of acres in a single flight. The eBee SQ provides the crop insights for your operations needs quickly, safely and easily. It provides reliable insights into the real health of your crops that can … Continued



The Intelligent Mapping & Inspection Drone Meet albris, the sensor-rich drone for professionals, offering TripleView imaging and advanced situational awareness. The albris is designed from the ground up to perform live inspections of buildings and other structures. Its onboard navcams and ultrasonic sensors provide the visual and proximity feedback you require to take the right … Continued