ebee plus

Aerial Efficiency, Photogrammetric Accuracy

A large coverage photogrammetric mapping system featuring RTK/PPK upgradeability for survey-grade accuracy on demand. The lightweight, hand-launched eBee Plus is a seriously efficient data collection tool. Its flight time of 59 minutes is a figure you can rely on: whichever camera you fly, at virtually any altitude, and in varying wind conditions. The result is less time spent flight planning and swapping batteries, and more time collecting exactly the geospatial data you need.


Product Features

Drone Analysis

High Precision on Demand

The eBee Plus includes built-in RTK/PPK functionality that can be activated either out of the box or later when required. It‘s survey-grade accuracy you control, without the need for ground control points—for less time in the field and more time putting your data to work.

tablet with software

High Versatility

The eBee Plus offers a camera to suit every application, including the senseFly S.O.D.A. (supplied), the first camera designed for photogrammetric drone mapping.


Larger Coverage

The eBee Plus can map more square kilometers per flight, than any drone in its weight class, allowing you to maximize your efficiency and plan projects with confidence.

3 ways of working with the eBee SQ

Local base, known position

  • Place your base station on a known position
  • Enter the base station’s coordinates and characteristics into eMotion
  • eMotion streams correction data to the drone via the ground modem

Local base, unknown position

  • Position your base station in a convenient location
  • eMotion calculates your base’s approximate position
  • eMotion streams correction data to the drone via the ground mode
  • Correct your base’s position in post-processing to achieve a high level of absolute accuracy

Virtual reference station

  • Configure your drone’s eMotion software to receive VRS/NTRIP correction data (internet connection and VRS/NTRIP subscription required)
  • eMotion streams correction data to the drone via the ground modem

Customer Testimonials

What we find most impressive about the swingletCAM is it’s simple and reliable. Its autonomy and form factor make it suitable for many applications including mining. After extensive uses in open pit mines, it is surely becoming a standard for all major constructions and environmental developments where traditional ground based, satellite or aerial remote sensing methods were used. The system is designed to be cheap, efficient, fast and easy; altogether make it practical for daily data collection. We look for ways to help improve efficiency and mine safety for our customers. The swingletCAM helps us deliver.

In regard to our eBee operations – things are going very well and I’m generally very happy with the eBee. We own 3 of them now and will probably get a fourth in the near future. We have done over 700 flights in total and the 4 full-time surveyors that we employ are now very efficient in the way that they operate.

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