UAV/UAS Training

Training is available to anyone, to help you to get the most out of the technology. It is structured to give you the tools and information needed to operate a small UAV/UAS (also known as drones). Our training is Transport Canada compliant and we have an experienced Commercial Flight Instructor teaching the aviation portion of the class.

  • We use the “Transport Canada Staff Instructions” and the “Small UAVs Definitions & Best Practices Guide” as the basis for our training. The focus of the training is outlining government compliance requirements for safe operation of UAVs on the ground and in the sky.
  • One day Flight planning and inflight software training with some hands on flying a fixed wing and/or rotary wing craft to get practical experience.
  • Four days of training that includes aviation law and flight characteristics taught by a certified Flight Instructor.
  • We cover flight planning to flight execution, basic data processing and data management.   More detailed data processing training is optional.

Refresher Online or In-Class Training

one day training Includes:

  • New regulations and updates
  • File a NOTAM, reporting, SFOC – what info is needed
  • Checklist before you fly
  • eMotion training and scenarios flight examples including scenarios harder to plan
  • Touch on Pix4d new solutions
  • Work through flight planning process with examples (Notam, zones, etc.)

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Customer Testimonials

John Blakemore

John Blakemore

One of the most comprehensive Drone Training Programs that is on and in the industry today. It’s a program that is well aligned with the requirements from the Ministry of Transport. It will aid any company to operate drones in a safe an effective manner.

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